The  Northwest Area Sr. High/Middle School is built on the foundation of  relationships between faculty, staff, students, and the community.  Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive  environment in which ALL students have the opportunity for success.

At the high school we have tried to instill a sense of pride among faculty, staff and students. This concept is based on the student-generated acrostic poem, Proud to be a Northwest RANGER.

R stands for Respectful; we ask our students to be respectful of the school, teachers, and fellow students.
A stands for Academic; we like our teachers to challenge our students and we want our students to work towards their fullest potential.
N stands for Noble; we want our students to develop their character to make good moral decisions.
G stands for Goal-oriented; we encourage students to set short term goals for themselves and constantly strive to be better.
E stands for Empowered; helping students understand that they have the power to determine their future.
R stands for Responsible; teaching students that they are responsible for their actions.


Mr. Ryan Miner – Principal